Elite Athletic Training


Our Program

Speed and Agility:

Whether it is an individual, small group or team, speed and agility training is the single most important way to improve your performance. Our trained professionals condition athletes with the ability to explosively start, decelerate, change direction, and accelerate again quickly while maintaining body control and minimizing a reduction in speed.We are located close to Pequannock, Kinnelon, Pompton Plains near Riverdale and Wayne NJ.


Training with your team can be extremely beneficial. Athletes are pushed by each other to get the most out of their sessions. Our speed and strength programs for teams are designed to address the unique demands of the sport and allows for a good opportunity for team building.

Flexibility and Mobility:

The most neglected aspect of training for most athletes. Due to time restraints, a coach tends to spend much of their time teaching skills rather than conditioning. To reduce or prevent injury, mobility and stretching is essential for the longevity of the athlete.

Strength Training:

Sports specific strength training is complimentary to speed and agility training along with flexibility and mobility. Programs are performed in a controlled environment focusing on technique. Athletes are taught that strength training should never compromise technique.