Louie Rivera

Education:Bachelor in Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology

Experience:Master Trainer - 20 years, NASM Certified, Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification, Training for the Senior Client Certification, Fitness Nutrition, Specialist Certification, Weight Loss Specialist Certification, Behavior Change Specialist Certification, Kettlebell Concepts Level 1 Certification, Gravity Group Instructor Certification, CPR/AED certified

Louie Rivera

Personal Trainer


How Can Louie Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals?

Louie is currently a NASM certified personal trainer with Corrective Exercise experience. His main objective is to meet his client’s desired goals while maintaining a pain free environment. He’s very health conscious, well-conditioned, energetic, and highly motivated. Louie possess a great understanding of the human anatomy, and is very personable. He has clients of all ages, ranging from men and women ages 15-85!

Keys to achieving one’s fitness goals successfully….Training in proper alignment and using correct body mechanics leads to SUCCESS!!!!

Why did Louie Choose a Career in Fitness?

Helping individuals to see that fitness isn’t just a one time hobby but a lifestyle change is the GREATEST reward one can achieve.

Tell Us Something People Don’t Know About You

I am a HUGE NERD!!!!!…….love Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror & Monster movies!!

Also massive fan of Spaghetti Western & Kung-Fu movies….along with comics, action figures and movie scores; I have an INCREDIBLE SENSE OF HUMOR!!!