Melinda Munafo

Education:NASM Corrective Trainer, AFFA, Apex Nutrition, Dotfit Nutrition, Pain Management, Pilates


Melinda Munafo

Fitness Trainer


Melinda isn’t just a personal trainer; she helps people achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle through fitness and wellness. For more than 20 years, Melinda has been transforming her client’s lives. Through fitness and conditioning training, she teaches her clients how to change their old habits and helping them focus on their health, leaving them feeling their best, looking their best and living their lives pain free. She is a certified NASM Corrective Trainer and prides herself on her one-of-a-kind exercise plans for her clients. Each client’s plan is 100% personalized for them – one size does not fit all in Melinda’s training program.

Need help with nutrition? Melinda is a certified nutrition coach, helping her clients see progress faster by educating them on how to establish a healthy relationship with food. Have you been wishing someone can go with you to the supermarket and tell you what to buy? Well, Melinda does JUST that! She will go shopping with you and read labels, starting from the very beginning to work with her clients to help them learn how to make better decisions about food. When training with Melinda, there is no finish line. There is always room to grow and more to learn!

Melinda has a passion for brain health and understanding addiction and how to change negative behaviors. She helps her clients move away from bad addictions with unhealthy habits, working with them toward a healthier, more positive life.

If you’re ready to throw your old lifestyle out the window and take the first step toward new behaviors with a focused wellness and fitness plan, you can reach Melinda at 973-534-1387. She trains clients of all ages and all athletic abilities. From young, budding athletes to active seniors or those recovering from injury, Melinda’s personalized program will help any individual get on track to a stronger and healthier life. To contact Melinda, please call her at 973-534-1387 or e-mail Please no text messages.