Theresa Palumbo

Theresa Palumbo



Theresa Palumbo has had a love of indoor cycling for more than 15 years! After falling in love with cycling, she knew the next step was to combine her love of education and exercise and became a certified Spinning Instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics. As she continued to teach and learn, she moved on to earn additional cycling certifications through both Stages Indoor Cycling and ICG Cycling. When attending Theresa’s cycling classes you can not only count on an amazing workout, but a class that has been carefully planned to help all riders meet their personal goals. Through the use of power and metrics, Theresa shows her students how they are constantly growing and provides valuable information that will make them stronger all-around athletes. Not just that, but you can be sure to catch her cracking a joke or two to make you smile as you sweat!

In addition to being a passionate certified indoor cycling instructor, Theresa has the ability to coach several different types of group fitness and possess several other certifications including Barre, Plyoga, HIITStep, Pound and is always looking to add new certifications to her toolbox.