Gait Analysis

Gait is defined as a person’s manner of walking. An abnormality in gait, or how someone walks, may be caused by injury, underlying conditions or issues with the legs and feet. While walking seems like an uncomplicated activity, it is really a result of your entire body working together with strength and coordination. Along with gait, balance plays an important role in a steady stride. Balance disorders can cause a person to feel unsteady or dizzy, even while seated. If you or a loved one is struggling with walking or an abnormal gait and balance, physical therapy can help correct these issues. At Advanced Sports Therapy and Physical Therapy in Riverdale, New Jersey, we have several qualified doctors and physical therapists to help diagnose and treat gait and balance issues. To learn more about gait and balance disorders click here. In addition to physical therapy for gait and balance issues, Advanced Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy also offers gait analysis for performance enhancement. This specialty service is available for athletes or weekend warriors who are struggling with improvement or are finding themselves continually injured.

Gait Analysis and Physical Therapy

If you are struggling with gait issues, you may benefit from our physical therapy program. Our specially trained physical therapists will take the time to evaluate your injury or condition, your mobility, and your health goals to determine the right treatment protocols. Because each patient’s needs and goals are different, the treatment protocols chosen are highly personalized. If physical therapy is the right treatment modality to help speed your recovery and increase your mobility, our trained therapists will incorporate these techniques into your personalized treatment plan. 

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At Advanced Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy in Riverdale, our goal is to help our patients avoid illness or injury, while providing natural therapies to help improve function if injuries or illness do occur. If you are curious about learning more about balance and gait disorders, or if you think you are a candidate for physical therapy, please contact our clinic today by calling 973-616-4555 to schedule your consultation with our therapy team.