Post Surgery Physical Rehabilitation


Post-surgery rehabilitation is a critically important, yet often undervalued, component of healing after surgery. When you have surgery, you shock your body, often even more than the initial injury or illness did. While it’s for a good cause – because now your body can heal fully and achieve greater health overall – it does take time for your systems to rebound. You can help your body do so by performing exercises and adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate the area that is healing and return your systems to normal as quickly as possible.

Physical Rehabilitation

Of course, you can’t do it on your own. That’s where Advanced Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy comes in. We offer a range of services that, alone or in combination, are targeted toward the post-surgical area. These treatments help you realign your body, strengthen the area that was operated on, and reduce pain plus increase ability. The result is quicker healing time and a more effective procedure overall. If you care about your health, the proper approach to rehab is crucial.

How Does Post-Surgery Physical Rehabilitation Help You?

Rehab is geared toward a number of benefits. Regular therapeutic treatments will:

  • Promote healing – The correct rehabilitation exercises stimulate blood flow and increase your body’s ability to put itself back together. In addition, exercise (even the gentle sort) creates endorphins, which in turn make it easier for you to heal.
  • Help you regain strength and mobility – The affected area will come out of surgery weak and painful. Over time, it will heal, but most bodily systems do not naturally regain strength that quickly. Flexibility and fitness are a result of use. That’s why it’s crucial the area be worked by our treatments and supported with your exercises at home.
  • Result in speedier healing after an accident or a surgery – Studies show that pain results in slower healing times. However, they also show that exercise reduces sensations of pain, which in turn leads to faster healing. Plus, rehab treatments such as acupuncture and massage also help your immune system work better, minimizing complications and speeding healing overall.
  • Engage you with mental and psychological stimulation – Especially if you are used to being active and productive, the post-surgical healing period can be rough. You may feel useless, caged and frustrated by your body’s lack of ability. Physical therapy helps engage you in the process of your own healing. Instead of passively waiting, you can take action to boost the process and improve your outlook on the surgery, as well as on life as a whole.

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