Occupational Therapy


When you have concerns about your ability to engage in specific activities, you may benefit from occupational therapy. By understanding the way occupational therapists help with your goals, you improve your situation and address potential challenges that harm your goals.

Basics of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy refers to a process of developing skills for your life or a loved one’s life. It usually relates to the process of learning useful life skills when individuals have a disability, but it may also assist with recovery when you have certain conditions. Adults and children benefit from the treatment by participating in occupations, or activities.

Why Consider the Therapy?

The reasons you may consider the therapy vary based on your situation and goals. By clarifying your goals and working with occupational therapists, you make improvements to your lifestyle.

Common reasons to consider the therapy include:

  • Regaining skills after an injury
  • Learning to handle tasks while you heal from nerve conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome or a nerve entrapment
  • Learning skills that allow you or a loved one to participate in school or social activities
  • Getting older and facing physical challenges related to your age
  • Addressing challenges with a physical or cognitive disability

Occupational therapy helps with several situations, so you want to work with a professional to determine the appropriate strategy for your needs. By discussing your goals with a therapist, you determine when the treatment may assist with your plans.

Areas of Occupation

The areas of occupation we focus on in therapy vary based on your goals and needs. We develop a personalized plan of action in our clinic to teach the life skills you need for your ability to remain independent. While specific skills depend on your needs, we do work on developing life skills. The skills focus on helping you gain a reasonable level of independence through self-care, engaging in work or playing.

Areas of Practice

Areas of practice for occupational therapy depend on your situation. Generally, you have options for the treatment in medical facilities, hospitals and physical therapist clinics. You may also consider the treatment in a private practice or through a chiropractic and holistic treatment facility. The options depend on your goals and we offer the therapy when you have concerns about the impact of an injury, aging or a loved one’s physical challenges.

Advantages of Occupational Therapy in New Jersey

The advantages of occupational therapy in New Jersey differ for each individual. While specifics may vary, certain benefits apply to most individuals during the treatment process.

Common benefits of the therapy include:

  • Adapting to your environment
  • Learning important life skills
  • Addressing challenges from an injury
  • Maintaining your independence
  • Getting back to work or play
  • Meeting your goals

By working with a therapist, you address injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or challenges from your changing situation. You learn different ways to handle important life skills based on your physical abilities and your goals. In our clinic, we give you the tools to take back your independence while your body heals from an injury.

Occupational therapy gives you the opportunity to develop the skills you need to maintain your long-term goals for your work, family and lifestyle. To learn more about the treatment or to set up an appointment with a therapist, call (973) 616-4555 today.

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