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      The control fall of gait is the first consideration in assessment of the athlete. The following photos and videos are required to secure your initial assessment. All are with feet on a flat firm even surface. Videos are on treadmill when specified or on a flat firm even surface.

      1. Raise big toe only (feet on the floor)
      2. Raise all other toes and not the big toe ( feet on the floor)
      3. Spread your toes ( yoga toes) ( feet on the floor)
      4. Pics of foot (top view, side view, bottom of foot, rear view seated (feet on the floor) and standing)
      5. Pics of running shoes (old shoes). (Top view, side view, back view, bottom)
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        1. Walking (video)- two speeds slow and normal walking pace from the rear, side and front. (1 minute each at camera at hip height) Make sure that your entire body, legs, feet, head and arms are in the frame. (Roughly 4 feet away)
        2. Slow jog (video)- same view and duration as above
        3. Running (video)( your normal pace for training)- same rules as above
        4. Sprint (video)( same rules as above) (safely)
        5. Wall toe raises - (video) from 3 feet away, camera at rear and side each for 30 seconds. Double leg, single leg (each leg 30 seconds)
        6. Hopping on X 30 20 seconds two feet and single leg
        7. Wall Angel (pics)front and side view
        8. Overhead squat _ 5 reps side, rear views (videos)
        9. Single leg lunge to the wall with cell phone at toe
        10. Laying hip flexion (photos) as far as you can comfortably go each leg (single leg)
        11. Standing photos - normal stance for you. (Front view, Side view, back view) 4 feet away with entire body in the frame, shorts that are fitted. Shirts should not be worn; sports bras should be worn.
        12. Videos of you running/training if you have them.