Zach Robbins

Education:BS Exercise Science, MS Exercise & Sports Studies 

Zach Robbins

Physical Therapy Aide


Since Zach was young, he always had a passion for fitness. As a child, sports opened the door for him to explore exercise. That’s where he fell in love.

When it comes to training clients, Zach prides himself on giving them a solid foundation. Whether working with them to strengthen and stabilize their core or crushing leg day, his goal is always to give clients “more bang for their buck” in terms of energy exertion during their workouts. Zach enjoys a mix of fun and challenging workouts to keep it lighthearted, while simultaneously crushing their goals.

Zach’s clients have specialized programs tailored to their individual needs. His educational background with a BS in Exercise Science and MS in Exercise and Sports Studies allows him to draw on proven research in tandem with experience to provide the best plan for each person.

Zach is determined to change his client’s lives of all ages. He’s worked tirelessly with a client to regain independence. This client relied on a walker and Zach was able to help strengthen them and transition them to a cane. Zach also worked with Montclair State University’s Women’s Basketball team to implement a training program that reduced their rate of injury from prior seasons. Recovering from an injury? Zach has experience with clients recovering from disc herniations and helping them relearn proper movement patterns to help them move without pain!

Interested in training with Zach? Send him an email at or follow him on Facebook at ZRfit and Instagram @zachrobbinstraining.