Personal Training


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Our Personalized Program

One-on-One Conditioning:

Personal Training is a dedicated training session with a trained and experienced professional. You will be tested, measured and pushed to attain your goals in a safe and effective way. We use the latest research driven techniques to promote health and fitness to bring out the best you. Learn more about one-on-one personal training here.

Sports Specific:

Improving coordination and motor skill enhancement is acquired through the repetitious performance of a specified athletic activity. This is what constitutes the foundation of athletic development. This program centers on the specific sport demands and fine-tuning activities involving specific biomechanical movements of the muscular-skeletal system to enhance coordination and efficiency.


Prefer one-on-one, intense training? Go toe-to-toe with our personal trainer! Our trainer will help you reach your fitness goals after assessing your fitness level and skills and will develop a program that’s just right for you. Our trainer will motivate you and push you to do better every time. With every kick and punch, you’ll be knocking down pounds and inches on your way to getting in the best shape of your life.