Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Acupuncture

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common condition that causes pain, tingling and numbness in hands, arms or wrists. At Advanced, we use ultrasound technology in conjunction with acupuncture to help patients feel immediate relief. With an ultrasound, we are able to find the problem beneath the skin’s surface, where we are able to “pinpoint” the problem and immediately release the tension with acupuncture. Patients feel immediate relief after just one session! Complemented with exercises, patients feel improvement faster than before!


Acupuncture works by enhancing circulation, stimulating nerves, and promoting lymphatic drainage. This brings increased blood flow to areas of injury and it accelerates healing times and improves recovery. By stimulating nerves, we eliminate pain and address areas of dysfunction, helping patients feel better much sooner.


Motor points are used to address muscular dysfunction, or problem, on a neurologic level. Meaning, these special points are electrically active, and when stimulated, influence the neurology and function of the specific muscle. They can be used to “fire up” or “turn off” muscles based on the problem that is present. 


We use muscle testing to identify the areas of weakness. During these tests, we can identify an area that is potentially under active or “not doing their job.” When these muscles aren’t performing correctly, it creates an imbalance across joints, leading to dysfunction and pain. By inserting needles into motor points, electric stimulation “fires up” the weakened muscles, and influences the nervous system to make them strong again! This corrects imbalances, drives proper movement patterns, and eliminates pain because the body begins working the way it should again!

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