Have you ever heard of Spin? Some people don’t know what exactly spin class is and therefore haven’t even considered it as an option for their workout regimen. At Advanced Fitness & Wellness Center, we offer classes to Riverdale and the surrounding area’s residents, giving them access to a workout routine that is low-impact and effective. If you’ve never attended this type of class, you may be surprised it is primarily comprised of riding stationary bicycles with added resistance. The professional team at our fitness center will ensure you make the right choices and get the most benefit from this class. Our instructors are not only highly experienced with Spin but have led Spin classes for many years and know how to make this form of exercise fun and invigorating for people of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or have plenty of experience with Spin, you are sure to benefit from our classes.

An Exciting Routine

When you attend our spin class in Riverdale, NJ, you can be sure you will be in for the ride of a lifetime. Each of our workouts is set to upbeat music and gives you the opportunity to exercise at your own pace with your choice of resistance levels. The good news is the workout is fully customizable based on your needs, allowing you to make the adjustments you need to be successful and reach your overall fitness goals.

Spin classes actually prove to be most ideal for those who are either just getting started on their fitness journeys or those who have mobility issues and need to find a type of workout that is easy on joints and muscles. You can ultimately think of Spin classes as a more organized and stimulating form of using a stationary exercise bike but with a friendly and encouraging instructor there to guide you, so you get as much benefit from your workout as possible. There are also several other key differences to taking a Spin class versus pursuing an independent exercise routine.

A Choreographed Workout

Spin class isn’t just about riding a stationary bike at the pace you are most comfortable with. Participants will enjoy a vigorous workout that doesn’t over stress the knees or other joints. However, you should expect to ride in different ways, including sitting, standing and sprinting. Our instructors will call out the instructions and you simply need to follow along, keeping your own pace and enjoying the music.

Many find a more choreographed workout experience is easier to maintain and much more fun to participate in. In fact, many of our Spin class participants find themselves eager to make this exercise style a regular part of their fitness routine. Our classes feature participants of all ages and backgrounds who come from the Wayne, NJ, and Riverdale, NJ, communities to enjoy a good workout in a positive environment.

If the idea of a Spin class interests you, reach out to us for more information on how it works, as well as our class schedule. Again, we are available to everyone residing in Wayne, NJ, Riverdale, NJ, and the surrounding communities. You can always give us a shout or even drop in on a class to experience firsthand what our Spin classes have to offer.