Recovery Time for Torn Labrum in the Shoulder

A few weeks ago, there was a big blow to fantasy football managers and Vikings fans. Dalvin Cook, Minnesota’s star running back left the game with a strong hit to the chest, which was ruled as a torn labrum. The first question everyone is asking after hearing he was okay is, ‘How long is the recovery for a torn labrum?’ 

We know the Vikings released a statement that Cook was expected to miss two games, but is it possible to really heal a torn labrum that fast? Well, it depends on many factors. He happened to return very quickly, but it’s always better to rest a bit longer!

Sure, professional athletes are getting paid millions of dollars to perform and especially at this point in the season, coaches feel the need to get their best players back out there. Depending on the severity of a tear, a torn labrum in the shoulder typically takes a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to reattach and then another 4 to 6 weeks to strengthen. Depending on the location of the tear and severity, it could be less time, but it could be more. Our guidance is always to err on the side of caution and allow your body to heal. Rushing back into regular activity puts your body at risk of more serious injury which could ultimately set you back much further than if you took it easy from the start.

While we know this may not be the answer football fans were looking for, our physical therapists don’t want you banking on an injured player’s return, nor do we want you getting yourself hurt if you suffered this type of tear. Thankfully once healed, most patients can return to their previous playing level without restriction.

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