James B.

When defining quality of care, there are many thoughts that go through one’s head. That phrase is often used to describe the perfect combination of attentiveness, professionalism, efficiency, and most importantly, comfort. Arik Cohen is the shining exemplar of what quality of care means. As an individual who has never utilized acupuncture, and as someone who is afraid of needles, I was hesitant to try this method of therapy. I found myself at Arik’s office for the first time when I injured myself working out. This pain had caused me to walk around in a slipper all throughout the work day. Limping and suffering through, this lasted about a month before coming to see Arik. Within a week of acupuncture sessions, I was back in my dress shoes and ready to get back out there. Initially, I didn’t think I would need any more treatments, but unfortunately, the following year I suffered the same injury. It was at this time I knew exactly who to call. Within a few days, I was fixed right up. This time, Arik introduced me to acupuncture for my back as well. As a teacher, I am always struggling with stressful situations. Additionally, I struggle with spending hours sitting at my desk planning, grading, or occasionally playing some video games (guilty)! As a result, my back was often in knots. The first time I had this procedure, I instantly felt relief. Arik is a master when it comes to knowing with precision where you are in pain. He applies his skills to relieve you and make sure you feel good. I can honestly say that my mental and physical well being depends on him as my acupuncturist. Trust me when I say he is without a doubt the most amazing healer out there. You will not be disappointed with the quality of care you will receive. There are so many decisions that are hard to make, but this one is easy! I would highly recommend Arik Cohen for your acupuncture. Healing is right around the corner with him at your side.