Testimonial Category: Acu

James B.

When defining quality of care, there are many thoughts that go through one’s head. That phrase is often used to describe the perfect combination of attentiveness, professionalism, efficiency, and most importantly, comfort. Arik Cohen is the shining exemplar of what quality of care means. As an individual who has never utilized acupuncture, and as someone […]

K. Diamond

I have been seeing Arik for almost two years. He is amazing!! We always chat before each session. He really listens to what I am saying so he can best treat me. I was suffering from really bad headaches, upper neck knots & tightness and sinus issues. He made it all go away short term […]

Jennifer B.

I began seeing Arik for acupuncture when we decided to start a family. We were going through fertility treatments and heard that acupuncture could increase the chances of success. Arik was very professional, had a great personality and was able to put me at ease when starting these treatments. He was also very knowledgeable about when and […]

Sarah K.

I started seeing Arik during my pregnancy two years ago. Fast forward to being pregnant with my second and Arik has been able to help my pregnancy aches and pains! Then, I found out a few weeks before delivery that my baby was breech. After a few sessions, my baby thankfully flipped back to in […]