Help Your Baby Roll Over!

Milestones, milestones, milestones!

As new (or veteran) parents, it’s common to be concerned about ensuring your child reaches their developmental milestones ‘on time’. For babies, rolling over is one of the first physical milestones they reach.

Tummy time is super important for babies. This helps them strengthen their necks, core and arms! Babies usually roll from belly to back first, but it does take more practice and strength to flip back from back to belly! That comes a few weeks or so later. Mastering the “roll” is the foundation for them to learn to scoot, play, crawl and then walk!

Here’s how you can help them along from back to belly.

  • Lay your baby on their back and begin
  • Guide them on the roll. Straighten the leg on the side they are going to roll onto and fold the opposite leg over the straight leg.
  • Gently help your baby roll over
  • Each time, help a little less and less. Before you know it, they will be flipping over all by themselves!

Remember it’s important not to rush developmental milestones and, once your baby learns or is reaching them, they love to perfect them….especially at night! So, be prepared for a little disrupted sleep. Don’t worry, it’s usually short lived!

See how we are gently guiding this baby to roll? (video below)



  • Get older siblings involved! This helps make it more fun for both baby and big brother or sister!
  • Use toys! Catch their attention with an interesting toy and let them follow it.
  • Get plenty of floor time. Free range play on the floor is great. Minimizing time spent in ‘containers’ will help your baby strengthen and move freely!
  • Tummy time! Get as much tummy time as possible. Be sure this is supervised and that you and your baby are very well rested so you can stay alert.
  • Make sure your baby is developmentally ready. Do not rush meeting milestones. Rolling belly to back usually begins around 3 months and back to belly around 5 months – but it all varies!

Be sure to check with your pediatrician first before trying these exercises. If you think your child may be behind on their physical development, it’s best to speak with their provider first to see if a PT evaluation may be beneficial.

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