Meet Your Instructor: Irina Babets

We’re so excited to announce our newest Yoga class on Thursday nights at 6PM! We’re doubly excited to introduce you to your newest instructor at Advanced Fitness and Wellness, Irina Babets.

Irina was born in Ukraine and came to the United States when she was 23. Before getting into yoga, she worked in retail for about 10 years.

Irina is a mom of two, which is how she got started with yoga! She had an opportunity to take classes at a local gym with her trainer and eventually decided to get her certification to teach. Irina credits her yoga spiritual awakening to the birth of her children, which helped her find her purpose. Her passion for yoga is the same as her passion for life: helping people. Whether it’s a little smile, small talk, or support and understanding of the needs of others, her yoga classes help her feel empowered and helps her empower others on a variety of levels.

Irina’s classes are centered around love and light. Her teaching style is gentle, calm and peaceful for the ultimate relaxation session. As mother and wife with a full house (5 pets, 2 kids and her parents), it’s no wonder yoga is a major part of her life! But, she says, the occasional glass of wine is great, too!

Join her this Thursday at 6PM at Advanced Fitness and Wellness for her first yoga flow!