Strength Training or Cardio Training?

Picture your dream body, then think of the fitness goals you need to achieve to get there. No matter how far along you are on your fitness and health journey, our fitness center and outdoor fitness classes in Northern New Jersey will help guide you every step of the way. A common question we’re asked is, should you focus on strength or cardio training?

We put cardio and strength training head-to-head to see which one reigns supreme for your fitness goals.

If you want to lose fat…

  • Cardio has the advantage if you’re solely focused on calories burned during a workout.
  • Strength training gives you a metabolic spike that continues after your workout ends because your muscles are trying to recover. Expect to burn an additional 25 percent of total calories burned after your strength session ends.

The winner: If you’re looking to burn fat, strength training takes the cake. Plus, for every three pounds of muscle you build, you’ll burn an extra 120 calories a day without even changing your diet. Score!

If you want to squash stress…

  • Cardio has head-clearing effects; think runner’s highs and a reduction in anxiety thanks to elevated serotonin levels in your brain. You only need 15 minutes 2-3 times a week to see the effects.
  • While scientists note promising results correlating weight training and reduced stress, nothing is yet nailed down.

The winner: Cardio! If you complete the recommended amount of cardio per week, you can even cut by fatigue by as much as 50 percent. Counterintuitive, but trust us on this one.

If you want to reduce injuries…

  • Because of cardio’s repetitive nature, your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles are seriously compromised.
  • Strength moves that improve your core, your balance and force you to move multiple joints at a time are proven to reduce sprains and strains.

The winner: Strength all the way.

If you want to feel confident…

  • Cardio athletes often feel accomplished after crossing the finished line, adding to their confidence.
  • Strength exercises make you feel more toned and have stronger impacts when it comes to physique.

The winner: Strength.

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