Running Injuries & Prevention

Spring is upon us and the weather is starting to break. That means, it’s time to hit the pavement and start running! If you’re an avid runner or just starting out…listen up! Often you will hear passionate runners talk about a runner’s high – the euphoric feeling one gets while running. So, one of the most defeating things that could happen to a runner is an injury that stops them from continuing to run. 

Let’s take 2 million runners in the United States. 50% of those runners suffer from some type of running injury and 70% will suffer reinjury. So, what gives? Training strategies and poor technique are the biggest offenders.

Training load tendinopathy or over training is one of the most common problems we see among runners in our practice. The worst part is that tendon problems can become very tricky and problematic if they aren’t treated correctly, and promptly. An abrupt change in training load is the prime offender for this running-related injury. You may think just because you’re running a few miles easily, then that means you can double it up or jump straight to hills….think again. A large increase in miles or change in your training type (such as tough intervals or big hills) can cause added stress on tendons, ligaments and bones,  leaving runner’s in pain and oftentimes unable to continue training. Start with a steady routine! Correct form for training is so important in preventing injury. While slow and steady may not help you win the sprinting races, slow and steady, safe training will get you to race day and across the finish line injury free.


Here are a few additional tips for preventing running injuries:

  1. Get fitted for proper running shoes
  2. Stretch it out and foam roll! Keep your body warm and loose to prevent added stress
  3. Listen to your body – if you think you’re too tired to run, take the day off or, do an easier run on that day. 
  4. Drink TONS of water…especially if it is hot!
  5. Train smart! Build strength and endurance with a steady program to prevent injury


If you had to pull back on your training or noticed you have some pain while you run, this is an indicator of several running related injuries.  At Advanced, we perform an extensive analysis of your running technique and the cause of injury. We offer assessment, treatment, sport specific rehabilitation, and technique corrections to help prevent future or more severe injuries. 

Our experienced team will evaluate you and get your back on your running regimen. At Advanced, we are here to help you realize your potential! Schedule your appointment today!