Ways to Improve Your Posture While at Home During COVID-19 Stay At Home Orders

Many of us are spending a lot more time on our couch and seated while staying home during the COVID-19 quarantine. Slouching is something many of us naturally do without even realizing it. This happens when we’re lounging on the couch and even in an office chair. It’s not until we are aware of our poor posture that we attempt to fix it. Every time you sit down is a chance to practice better posture habits, especially since we’re doing so much more sitting right now! Take advantage of these tips from our chiropractor at Advanced Sports Medicine to start seeing an improvement in your posture.

Sit Up!

The simple act of sitting up straight as opposed to slouching can make all of the difference in how you feel. Slouching puts a lot of extra stress onto your spine, impacting the bones, muscles and joints throughout your backbone. Plus, slouching strains your organs as well, as it makes it harder for your lungs and intestines to work the way they are meant to. If you have a desk job, try to focus on establishing better posture to see if it makes a difference in how you feel.

Watch for Text Neck

It’s easy to focus on your phone for long periods of time. This results in your neck tilting down in order for you to see your screen, putting a strain on your spine. Rather than adjusting your head to see the phone, adjust the phone so that you don’t need to strain your neck. 

Pick the Right Chair

With many of us working from home, it’s easy to want to take advantage of working from a bed or couch. As comfortable as they look, it is not great for your posture. Consider using a more supportive chair to prevent you from slouching or bending forward. Some may even use a yoga ball, which can help strengthen your core and spine.

Lift Up Your Devices

Focus on how you are sitting. Are your devices below eye level? Consider lifting everything up or propping it up so you can keep it higher up and closer to your eye level. This naturally will help you sit up straighter! If you’re going to be working from home a lot more, consider investing in a standing desk so you can switch between a seated and standing position to give your back a break!

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