Why are ACL Tears So Common?

Why Are ACL Tears So Common?

For football fans, hearing about ACL tears can bring upon some stress. If you are a fantasy football team manager, when you heard Robert Woods was out with an ACL tear for the remainder of the season, you probably felt your chance at the playoffs crumble. Putting the game aside, why is it that ACL tears seem to be more common? 

Well, that answer is somewhat simple. All it takes is one small awkward movement or odd rotation, and your ACL can easily tear since there is little support around the joint. In professional football, big hits or strange landings make up the recipe for disaster causing a tear. So, how can you prevent an ACL tear and how can you get back on your feet sooner after suffering an ACL tear?

Can You Prevent an ACL Tear?

It may seem impossible, but believe it or not, you can help prevent ACL tears. Consider adding in targeted strength training around your knee. We recommend strength training which should include jumping plyometrics, along with other exercises to strengthen the hamstrings and quadriceps. If you’ve already experienced a tear and are preparing for surgery, hope is not all lost! You can get in your ‘pre-hab’ by working on strengthening exercises to help make your post-surgical rehabilitation more successful.

Recovering From ACL Surgery

If you suffered a tear and received surgery, recovery begins with a good physical therapy regimen. Chances are that you visited your therapist prior to surgery and actually began some small strides for your post-surgical recovery. Your first few visits aren’t very eventful after surgery. Your therapist will mostly be monitoring your incision and the proper healing of the surgical region to ensure proper healing. Once your incision is mostly healed, you will begin to work on improving your range of motion around your knee in the early stages of care. Your recovery likely then will progress to build strength, mobility and proper use to help minimize the risk of injury in the future. Throughout your physical therapy program, you will be focused on getting back on the field. Toward the end of your treatment, your therapist will work with you on movements to help get you ready to return to your sport and perform like you did – only better! Remember to take it slow!

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So NFL fans, this may not help your season, but it should help explain why it’s so important to protect these somewhat vulnerable ligaments. We help athletes of all levels – from professionals to weekend warriors. If you want to improve your performance and prevent injury, make an appointment with Advanced Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy today by calling 973-616-4555.